Organizations everywhere are turning to wellness programs to help raise productivity and lower the cost of insurance premiums. There are numerous advantages to offering a wellness program. As an staff member of a organization that offers these wellness programs, it’s crucial that you use those wellness programs to your advantage. As an employee, such a Read More →

What staff member wellness programs do hospitals offer? Almost all hospitals offer some kind of health wellness program to their personnel. These programs are often more extensive and easier to access in a hospital rather than any other place of work. Since hospitals have the technology and equipment available to promote wellness, their staff have Read More →

A health risk assessment estimates how current or future chemical exposures could affect a particular population, such as a worksite or community. Health risk assessment tools, such as questionnaires, help officials diagnose a health hazard and know how to eliminate or reduce the hazard. If you work in a hazardous workplace you may wonder why Read More →

It’s absolutely essential for organizations to begin a health promotion program for their workforce.  As healthcare prices soar, every time an staff member becomes ill, this costs the corporation even more. While not all health care issues and diseases can be prevented, it’s common knowledge that risk factors like obesity can increase disease. So it Read More →

Companies around the U.S. are continuously making adjustments to accommodate for a diverse workforce, changing markets, and the increased awareness of organization operations. As a result, several companies are introducing some sort of staff member health promotion program. Introducing a health promotion program is an economically sound decision that employers are recognizing quickly. A health Read More →

An staff member wellness program does not have to exclusively promote fitness and health. Worker health promotion can be promoted through training on how to correctly handle workplace hazards. Properly training staff to lift correctly, use power tools safely, and handle emergency situations certainly promotes employee health promotion. Improper lifting is the number one cause Read More →

Around the country, companies everywhere are implementing employee wellness programs. There are a few advantages to offering an employee wellness program. The health of a company’s staff will have a big impact on productivity, absenteeism, job satisfaction and the bottom line profit. Beginning a health promotion program is an excellent place to start. An staff Read More →

The problem of increasing health care costs for companies has lately become more prominent and more challenging to deal with. Over the past twenty years many companies have encountered close to fifty percent raises in corporation health-insurance premiums. This is because of poor work environments, increasing stress, and decreasing health of staff. A excellent way Read More →

With the average American working 50 hours in a average work week, as opposed to the 40 hour week established in the 60′s, a wellness program is more important now than ever before. This kind of wellness program is designed to meet the needs of each employee individually, while promoting a healthful cohesive work unit Read More →

It is not uncommon to see the average worksite offer a business health promotion program. These health promotion programs can look quite different worksite to worksite, but the objectives are generally the same – to promote wellness. Many companies will offer a few services that promote wellness. Some worksites have a gym on-site to use Read More →